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Event Decoration & Styling

We will elevate the atmosphere of your occasion and transcend you and your guests into the spirit of the event theme!

Are you short on time or decorating just isn’t your strength?

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Hear it from the Founder and Chief Stylist

If there are 3 words my friends will use to describe me with.. these will be travel, pictures… and balloons!

I have a deep passion for hosting events and creating memorable experiences for my friends, family and colleagues, and so my home is a cherished gathering spot.

The décor aspect is my absolute favourite part, as it allows my creativity to soar, and it when I am in my happy place where I can fully express myself.

My love for balloons has been a lifelong fascination, and even at 35 years old, my excitement for them remains as strong as when I was just 5 years old.

Halloween is one event where I go all out, transforming both the inside and outside of my home into what I call a Halloween Wonderland. The traditional Trick-or-Treat fiesta always brings kids to my door, making it a highly anticipated and enjoyable event for all.

I won’t always ‘Go Wonderland’ for my celebrations but I will surely always have balloons.

Thank you for hearing out my story.

If you need a helping hand in getting your stunning event décor, me and my team are excited to help you get your event to the next level.

Why work with us?

Every occasion is special and important and so we give you our promise to give you our passion, our skill and our attention to detail to every piece we create.

Nothing is too small or too big.

If it is important to you, it is important to us.